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Healthy White Coffee (Koon Kee) - Penang
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Healthy White Coffee (Koon Kee) - Penang

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SKU: PNG Healthy White Coffee (Koon Kee)
Weight: 620 grams
Stock: Pre order

Brand: Koon Kee 均記
Shelf Life: 9-15 months
Packaging : 15 sachets/pack
Halal: Yes
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Koon Kee Healthy White Coffee


Koon Kee is one of the oldest coffee roaster in Penang. From their humble beginning in the 1950's, they have grown to be a dominant supplier of coffee to commercial outlets throughout the northern region of Malaysia.

Koon Kee's Healthy White Coffee range provides you with health benefits as you savour your daily cup of coffee. The coffee is packed in a beautiful paper basket that is easy to carry and ideal to be given as a gift.


The three healthy variants are as follows: -

Tongkat Ali Added (35g per sachet)

Tongkat Ali, scientifically known as Eurycoma Longifolia, is a flowering plant native to Malaysia and Indonesia. The tip of Tongkat Ali plants are grinded into powder and added to coffee to give it a slight bitter taste. This is undoubtedly the most well-known herbs from Malaysia and helps to improve energy, stamina & physical endurance.


Lingzhi Added (35g per sachet)

Lingzhi is a type of medicinal mushroom which is in use in traditional Chinese medicine for over 4000 years! It is the herb of spiritual potency claimed to promote immortality. When added to coffee, Lingzhi is known to lower blood sugar, cholesterol, and hence the blood pressure. It also helps to build up the anti-tumor, anti-allergenic, and anti-viral functions of the body.


Soluble Hi-Fibre Added (35g per sachet)

Regular fibre intake is always an important part of a healthy diet. A type of high end soluble fibre, commercially known as Litesse, is added to the white coffee to help body-cleansing, lowering cholesterol, and prevent diabetes and obesity. The high fibre coffee can also help to promote weight loss if consumed on a regular basis.