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Tambun Biscuit / 淡汶饼 - Box of 32 pieces (Him Heang) - Penang
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Tambun Biscuit / 淡汶饼 - Box of 32 pieces (Him Heang) - Penang

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SKU: PNG Tambun Biscuit - Box of 32 pieces (Him Heang)
Weight: 1 kg, 500 grams
Stock: Pre order

Brand: Him Heang 馨香
Shelf Life: 7 - 10 days
Packaging : 32 pieces / box
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Him Heang Tambun Biscuit

First, what you should buy when you travel to Penang? The answer must be Penang tambun biscuit. Secondly, some might wonder what causes heavy traffic in Penang Burma Road? The answer is Him Heang. This is the place where many tourists will swing by no matter how busy their schedules are. You could still see the stream of customers flowing into the shop.

The fragrant of freshly baked Tambun Biscuit was mesmerizing and irresistible, each bite of it was yummy! But it is not easily available as Him Heang does not have any branch anywhere other than the main shop at Burma Road. 

One thing to note these are freshly baked and probably have no preservatives at all, so be sure to finish them in time before the expiry date!


Food Connection is glad to be their first official e-Tailer online to deliver this yummy biscuit right to your doorsteps across all Malaysia. With best effort, we will ensure your orders will reach your doorsteps in best preserved quality. We do appreiciate any feedback and comment to address to Food Connection customer service team at



Wheat flour, sugar, green beans, fried onions, vegetable oil and salt. 


Available in boxes of 32 pieces.



来槟城旅游必买的特产之一一定少不了槟城淡汶饼。新鲜出炉的馨香饼家淡汶饼香气和味道让人无法抗拒。 馨香饼家位于槟城车水路,是全马唯一一家店面,没有其它分行。馨香饼家的饼保证新鲜出炉,无添加任何防腐剂,所以顾客们记得在过期前把它吃完。


Food Connection 非常荣幸地成为馨香饼家第一个正式的网购伙伴。Food Connection 将确保商品安全无损送达您家。同时,Food Connection 非常乐意得到顾客们的意见与留言。大家可以到Food Connection 的客户服务网上 留下您宝贵的意见。


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