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Roti Kapai / 火饼 (Him Heang) - Penang
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Roti Kapai / 火饼 (Him Heang) - Penang

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SKU: PNG Roti Kapai (Him Heang)
Weight: 320 grams
Stock: Pre order

Brand: Him Heang 馨香
Shelf Life: 2 months
Packaging : 290g/pack
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Him Heang Roti Kapai

This saltish fragrant biscuit is ideally taken by dipping in steaming hot local coffee or with kaya spread.

Its unique name apparently came about during the old days when Indians migrated from their native India to Malaysia seeking greener pastures. As most of these Indians are from the lower-income group and could not afford normal meals, they carried with them this Roti Kapai during their journey. They only consumed this biscuit with plain water. As their mode of transport then was only via ships, which in local Bahasa Malaysia is “Kapal”, the biscuit which was their only food eventually became known as “Roti Kapai”.


Food Connection is glad to be their first official e-Tailer online to deliver this yummy biscuit right to your doorsteps across all Malaysia. With best effort, we will ensure your orders will reach your doorsteps in best preserved quality. We do appreiciate any feedback and comment to address to Food Connection customer service team at



Wheat flour, sugar and vegetable oil. 



馨香饼家除了招牌的淡汶饼和豆沙饼,也卖其它商品如火饼。火饼独特的名字来自于旧时代印度人从印度南下移民来马来西亚寻找更好的牧场地。由于当时他们非常贫穷,根本没有能力吃上一顿正餐,所以他们带了火饼上路以便能在南下马来西亚的路上充饥。当时只有通过船的水上工具进入马来西亚,而船在马来文为 “kapal”, 所以饼干的名字也以这种方式命名为“roti kapai”。


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