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Meat Floss 肉丝 - Pack of 2 (Ban Lee Heong) - Ipoh
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    Pack of two

    Meat Floss 肉丝 - Pack of 2 (Ban Lee Heong) - Ipoh

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    Brand: Ban Lee Heong 萬里香
    Shelf Life: 3 months (room temperature)
    Packaging : 300g / pack
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    Ban Lee Heong's Meat Floss 万里香肉丝

    Ban Lee Heong is an Ipoh Guntong famous barbecue dried meat shop. Every slice of barbecue dried meat is carefully grilled by using charcoal. It creates a moist and flavourful barbecue dried meat with the perfect balance of sweet, salty and smoky flavours.


    万里香 - 怡保文冬出名的肉干专卖店。 他们坚持用碳烧出好肉干,让顾客们吃的不只是味道,还有一份人与人之间的人情味。


    *Please take note that all pork products on our website cannot be shipped to Singapore. 


    The Story of Ban Lee Heong:


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