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Large Crunchy Bread Biscuit / 大方饼 (Him Heang) - Penang
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Large Crunchy Bread Biscuit / 大方饼 (Him Heang) - Penang

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SKU: PNG Large Crunchy Bread Biscuit (Him Heang)
Weight: 350 grams
Stock: Pre order

Brand: Him Heang 馨香
Shelf Life: 2 months
Packaging : 350g/pack
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Him Heang Large Crunchy Bread Biscuit

Tai Hong can be regarded as the olden day version of cream crackers. It is extremely popular with the lower-income Chinese community. Back then, it was eaten by dipping it in plain water.

Originally square in shape, it is now produced in oblong shapes for easy dipping into cups and mugs. It is best eaten by dipping in steaming hot local black coffee.

The smaller sized Tai Hong is specially made for young children. One can easily pop a piece into the mouth for a blend of sweetish and saltish flavor.


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Wheat flour, sugar and vegetable oil. 





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