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Lactation Cookies (De House) - Penang
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Lactation Cookies (De House) - Penang

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SKU: PNG Lactation Cookies (De House)
Weight: 320 kg, 0 grams
Stock: Pre order

Brand: De House
Shelf Life: Between 2 weeks to 1 month
Packaging : 300g+/pack
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De House's Lactation Cookies (Mixed Flavor)


100% natural handmade lactation cookies by De House. 

Not just for nursing mamas, anyone in the family can enjoy this delicious cookies, since they are high in nutrients that everybody needs. Premium ingredients are carefully chosen for the entire family nutrition such as brewer yeast, flaxseed, oat, almond and finest Choco chips.


The 3 main powerful ingredients that they used for their lactation cookies as below:

1. Brewer's yeast, most commonly known for its use in the production of beer, contains iron, protein, B vitamins, chromium, selenium and various other trace minerals. Not only does it promote milk supply, it is believed to help with fatigue and the baby blues.

2. Oats are another must for breastfeeding mothers. They are high in fiber and full of iron, protein and complex carbohydrates. Low levels of iron in the body can actually reduce milk supply.

3. Flaxseed has good fats and enzymes, which are important for increasing the content of breast milk.