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Kacang Pipang / 豆糖 (Heritaste) - KL
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Kacang Pipang / 豆糖 (Heritaste) - KL

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SKU: KLV Kacang Pipang (Heritaste)
Weight: 440 grams
Stock: Pre order

Brand: Heritaste 承记
Shelf Life: 1 - 2 months
Packaging : +/- 500g/tin
Vegetarian : Yes
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Having more than 30 years of history, Heritaste is a revamped, re-branded and re-packaged version of an old school traditional home-based handmade biscuit operator. Their kacang pipang is simply delicious. Maybe it was the smoky aroma emitted from the roasted peanuts, or maybe it was the calming, solid crunch of every bite or maybe it was the sweet hardened caramel binding the crushed peanuts. Speechless!!


经营了约30年的达莲饼家,镇店之宝为“贡糖”和“豆糖”。这闽南特色的素食小食品也属仁加隆特产,深受广大民众喜爱。在第二代的继承下,开设了首家门市,名为“承记- Heritaste"。这里的豆糖就是好吃。 把豆糖含在嘴里,让豆的香气在嘴里慢慢散开,加上几乎与豆容为一体的焦糖,简直好吃到让人说不出话来。


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