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Homemade Lap Cheong / 自制腊肠 (Nicole's) - KL
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Homemade Lap Cheong / 自制腊肠 (Nicole's) - KL

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SKU: KLV Homemade Lap Cheong (Nicole's)
Weight: 550 grams
Stock: Pre order

Brand: Nicole's
Shelf Life: 1 month / 3 months chill
Packaging : 500g/pack
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Nicole's Homemade Lap Cheong

That's preservative free. We love the Lap Cheong because we can enjoy them with peace of mind. It's always very little fat meat.

✔ We insist on using hog casing imported from Canada instead of plastic casing

✔ uses fresh meat instead of low grade frozen meat

✔ meat cut into smaller pieces and it's not minced meat. This is why u can see the lean n fat meat separated clearly. Lower quality lap Cheong is using A lot of fat meat to mince with lean meat. We practice 80% lean 20% fat which will give a juicy n tender

✔ wine infused


*Please take note that all pork products on our website cannot be shipped to Singapore. 


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