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Handmade Biscuits Promo / 手工饼干特价 - Pack of 13 (Little Nyonya) - Ipoh
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Handmade Biscuits Promo / 手工饼干特价 - Pack of 13 (Little Nyonya) - Ipoh

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SKU: IPH Handmade Biscuits Promo - Pack of 13 (Little Nyonya) - Ipoh
Weight: 930 grams
Stock: Pre order

Brand: Little Nyonya 小娘惹
Shelf Life: 6 months
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1. Little Nyonya Flossy Chicken Crisps 8pcs Individual Pack 140g (Pack of 2) /小娘惹鸡丝 A crunchy biscuit full of local taste which made from chicken floss and local spices.



2. Little Nyonya Sambal Shrimp Crisps 8pcs Individual Pack 140g (Pack of 2) /小娘惹参巴虾米 Special biscuit made up of sambal shrimp with secret recipe. This scrumptious Sambal Shrimp Crisps with little spicy will make up your day.



3. Little Nyonya Walnut Cookies 8pcs Individual Pack 200g (Pack of 2) /小娘惹核桃 Indulge yourself with Nyonya Walnut Cookies made to perfection with superbly rich walnut taste.



4. Little Nyonya Coconut Biscuits 50g (Pack of 2) /小娘惹椰丝 Produce by using shredded coconut which made the biscuit taste like ‘Kuih Kapit’.



5. Little Nyonya Cheese Biscuits 50g / 小娘惹芝士饼 Produce by using Europe’s top grade of parmesan cheese powder. It is slightly salty and yet healthy.



6. Little Nyonya White Coffee Biscuits 50g / 小娘惹白咖啡 A dough which well blend with Malaysia white coffee powder that made the biscuits taste as roasted coffee.



7. Little Nyonya Coconut Crisps 180g / 小娘惹椰丝 Produce by using coconut flakes and oat. It is crispy and taste good!



8. Little Nyonya Cheese Biscuit 120g (Pack of 2) (Free Gift) /小娘惹芝士饼 Produce by using Europe's high grade cheese.



Blog credit: Little Nyonya


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