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Gourmet Flavoured White Coffee (Koon Kee) - Penang
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Gourmet Flavoured White Coffee (Koon Kee) - Penang

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SKU: PNG Gourmet Flavoured White Coffee (Koon Kee)
Weight: 620 grams
Stock: Pre order

Brand: Koon Kee 均記
Shelf Life: 9-15 months
Packaging : 15 sachets/pack
Halal: Yes
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Koon Kee Gourmet Flavoured White Coffee


Koon Kee is one of the oldest coffee roaster in Penang. From their humble beginning in the 1950's, they have grown to be a dominant supplier of coffee to commercial outlets throughout the northern region of Malaysia.

Koon Kee's Gourmet Flavoured White Coffee range is designed for the modern-day coffee drinkers whom are looking for different thrill in their daily cuppa. The coffee is packed in a beautiful paper basket that is easy to carry and ideal to be given as a gift.


The four different flavours are as follows: -

Mocha Flavour (35g per sachet)

Mocha coffee is a popular drink named after the town of Mocha in Yemen which produces a type of coffee beans with chocolaty taste. First grade hot chocolate powder, imported from Australia, was added to the white coffee to bring out the mocha flavour.
Vanilla Flavour (35g per sachet)

This variant has an ice-creamy taste which is popular as an after dinner drink in place of the usual coffee and ice-cream combination. Imported French vanilla powder is added to the white coffee to produce the vanilla flavour.
Coconut Flavour (35g per sachet)

Many frequent travelers to South East Asian countries are well-accustomed to the taste of local food, a large proportion of which contains coconut milk as a main ingredient. Delicately flavoured young coconut powder is added to the white coffee to bring forth the exotic tropical coconut flavour.
Durian Flavour (35g per sachet)

Durian is widely revered as the "King of Fruits". Natural durian powder, processed from durians harvested from the reknown durian orchards in Balik Pulau region of Penang, is added to the white coffee to appease visitors who wish to savor the unique flavor and aroma of durian.