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Double Deluxe Light Soy Sauce / 头抽皇 (Apple Brand) - Penang
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Double Deluxe Light Soy Sauce / 头抽皇 (Apple Brand) - Penang

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SKU: PNG Double Deluxe Light Soy Sauce (Apple Brand)
Weight: 770 grams
Stock: Pre order

Brand: Apple Brand
Shelf Life: 2 years
Packaging : 700ml
Halal: Yes
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Apple Brand, over 50 years of manufacturing of the finest soya sauce. 

Working with time-tested recipes formulated by their past generations, the Apple brand of sauces has delighted consumers with its authentic taste and aromas. Every drop of Apple’s sauce that you add in a dish is produced with ingredients of the highest quality. They also insist on using the age-old natural fermentation method, believing that time and patience will yield better results.


Apple Brand, 50年来专注于制造上等的生抽。

Apple Brand 使用家传秘方制造生抽。生抽香醇的味道与香气让顾客大为满意、赞不绝口。每一滴的 Apple 酱都是以最顶级的食材制成的。此外,他们也坚持使用传统的天然发酵方法制造生抽,因为只有时间和耐心才能酝制出最好的生抽。



Selected soya bean, wheat, flour, sugar, salt and permitted benzoic acid.