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Coconut Soft Candy / 潮州椰子软糖 (Ching Han Guan) - Ipoh
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Coconut Soft Candy / 潮州椰子软糖 (Ching Han Guan) - Ipoh

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SKU: IPH Coconut Soft Candy (Ching Han Guan)
Weight: 440 grams
Stock: Out of stock

Brand: Ching Han Guan (CHG) 鍾漢元
Shelf Life: 1 month
Packaging : 10 pieces/pack
Vegetarian : Yes
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Ching Han Guan Coconut Soft Candy

The bite of Ching Han Guan bakery’s coconut soft candy is soft, the filling is chewy but not sticky at all.. The coconut is moist and distinct. For those coconut lovers out there, try this and you never go wrong. And this coconut soft candy is worth to try for those who travel to Ipoh.

People come all the way and spend hours just to taste Ching Han Guan bakery’s biscuit. This is one of the Ipoh must buy local specialty. It's simply delicious. 



每一口都那么柔软弹牙,但又不粘牙, 加上入口即化的椰丝外层,是特别献给所有椰丝爱好者的其中一项商品。来怡保旅游的朋友或是没吃过钟汉元饼家的潮州椰子软糖的怡保人都值得一试。



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