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Biscuit Gift Box 元香饼家礼盒 ( Guan Hiang) - Penang
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Biscuit Gift Box 元香饼家礼盒 ( Guan Hiang) - Penang

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SKU: PNG Biscuit Gift Box ( Guan Hiang) - Penang
Weight: 770 grams
Stock: Pre order

Brand: Guan Hiang Biscuit 元香饼家
Shelf Life: 1 month
Halal: No Lard
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 Guan Hiang Biscuit Gift Box

Biscuit gift box contains 9 individual packs of Heong Peah (original), 5 bags of red tea and 5 bag of Oulong tea.

Heong Peah

Guan Hiang Biscuit’s Heong Peah are masterfully made and produced oven fresh daily. The skin of our products is crispy, while the stuffing is mildly sweet with a tinge of malt.

Taiwan Tzu Chi Jing Si Tea

Jing Si tea's hometown is on the hills of Miaoli County's Sanyi township. With a healthy tea garden, the tea leaves make tea infusion that is pure with sweet taste that lasts. We grow teas and produce teas in a traditional way so people can enjoy the warmth of a cup of good tea.

Sanyi tea garden is located at medium elevations. We follow the principles of organic farming and lower the amount of tea catechins. Fog clouds the tea garden in the mornings and evenings, so it is suitable for nurturing young tea leaves. Such efforts enable us to produce Jing Si Oolong tea with its rich and sweet taste.

We do not use herbicide, insecticide, nor chemical fertilizers. We respect the natural law and all beings, and cultivate while coexisting with the earth.