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FAQ for Sellers

1. Why Sell on Food Connection? 

  • Food Connection started off 2 years ago, covering all famous traditional half-century brand. Thus, we have a large customer base whom are ready to explore more into delicious homemade food.
  • 5-stars Rating review on products and customer services. Click here to check out our customer review. 
  • Hassle-Free. From customer service to the A-Z of logistics, we have you covered.
  • Exposure to target market
  • We connect your product to right targeted market audience both online and offline.
  • Digitize your business, sell and run your business from anywhere & anytime.


2. What Seller Need to Do?

  • Just contact us at 012-3456901 or drop us a message “Become a Seller”.
  • Provide Product Photo & Info and we will upload on behalf.
  • Sit back, Relax and wait for your new orders. 


3. How About Packaging & Delivery?

  • Packaging needs to be done on the Seller’s side. Please ensure the packaging is nicely sealed for safely delivery.
  • Extra protection on fragile items are recommended.
  • Food Connection will arrange our delivery partner for parcel collection and delivery to customers.
  • Sit back, Relax and wait for your payment settlements.


4. How Can We Help You Sell Better?

  • FREE Shipping for purchase above RM50.
  • Mystery Gift for purchase above RM150.
  • Promotion, Special Deals and Festival Packs.
  • New products? We can shout out and highlight for you for FREE!