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The Chews were raised in a close knit Ipoh, close to the heartbeat of simplicity and contentment. Growing up was simple, there was night and day and then good food always. Malaysian food is the best in the world and simple Malaysian delicacies, from nyonya kuih to the silky smooth bean curd never departed from our lips and desire. It is with this philosophy that the Chews belief, Malaysians and others who are abroad, will always craves for a taste of Malaysian.

Food Connection bridges the desires with delivery of Malaysian goodies to one's doorstep.

Our customers, no longer need to craves in vain, we bring the goodies to their doorsteps, bringing a tinge of home and fond memories to them. We have the ability to source, pack to retain its freshness and deliver to allow our customer savour "HOME". Lets we forget, we are but Malaysians, simple in life, abundance in goodies and happy always. 

Every bite is mesmerizing...

Our Location as below: